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Thread: ZENworks dbase size growing

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    ZENworks dbase size growing

    My ZENworks database is growing every day by about 5GB. I haven't made any significant changes to ZENworks itself or to the database server. I have ample storage space on my MS SQL server for the ZENworks databases. My log file for the database is 2MB.

    Here are the particulars of my ZENworks environment:
    -ZENworks 11.4.2
    -ZENworks primary servers - four(4) MS 2008R2
    -ZENworks dbase server: MS 2008R2
    -ZENworks dbase: MS SQL 2008R2
    -ZENworks dbase recovery model - Simple
    -ZENworks database maintenance plan - daily backup

    I ran a disk usage by top tables report for the ZENworks database and got the following report in the attachment. I only screen captured the top data tables listed.

    Are there any ideas at what I should be looking into?

    Thanks in advance for any replies.

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