The Novell Vibe Administrator Guide mentions that you can use JAR files to "incorporate custom functionality in workflows" via the "Custom Action" event in a workflow's status.

Steps I've taken:
  • Created a simple Java class that creates a text file on the server if it is run (CreateNewFile.class).
  • Put the class into a jar file (CreateNewFile.jar)
  • Tested the jar file on the server by running it directly and the text file gets created
  • Added the JAR file in the correct folder on the server (/opt/novell/teaming/apache-tomcat/lib/custom-ext)
  • Created a "Custom Action" workflow event that calls the JAR file when a certain workflow status begins
  • Checked that the JAR file can be accessed by the workflow - I know it sees it and tries to access it

Whenever the custom action is triggered I get an error. When I check the catalina.out log I find the following reason:

java.lang.ClassCastException: CreateNewFile incompatible with
My Question:
Does the class have to follow a certain structure or naming convention in order to be accessed by the workflow?
How can it be used from within a workflow?