Someone a while ago installed the ZCM 11.2.4 agent (I think) on a Win 7 WS that I now need to uninstall. We have switched primary servers and decommissioned the old one then I found this WS that still has this agent. Usually I go to Programs and Features and do a local uninstall of the ZCM client but what was listed here was something like the ZENworks 2012 agent so it may be older than 11.2.4. When I selected uninstall, it didn't prompt me to leave CASA and it looked like a different uninstall than I usually see for 11.2.4. When it was done and I rebooted, I then tried to install the 11.4.3 agent which told me that a ZCM agent was already installed!

Looking at 'All programs', I see I still have a Novell ~ ZENworks ~ ZENworks Security Agent folder with the program 'Display Agent About Box'. We never installed the ZENworks security agent but somehow it got installed on this machine. When I click the 'Display Agent About Box', the program that comes up is the Novell ZENworks Location Decider and it is version with a copyright of 2012. So I think this is an older client than 11.2.4??

OK, so then I use the ZENWorks Clean-up Tool Version It wants either a Support key, which I assume I get from Novell support?? or it wants the 'Administrative password'. When I use the ZCC administrator password (which has been the same for the old and new primary server) it says "The password entered did not match acceptable values." I tried other passwords to no avail.

Looking under Program Files ~ Novell ~ ZENworks, there is a bin directory but no 'setup' or 'uninstall' executable.

How can I remove this old client so I can install the new one.