We have a single appliance supporting 165 printers/MFP's and running Papercut MF 17.0.4. I did upgrades to both iPrint Appliance and Papercut over the past weekend. Everything seemed fine until the Office Accounting people called and said it is taking 4 minutes to generate a report/check/invoice and another 3 minutes after the printer dialog box appears to get the printout. We contacted the Accounting software company (the software is MS SQL based ) and they ran through all sorts of tests, changes and troubleshooting and could not find a problem. I changed the iprint client back to 6.06 from 6.08 and the problem went away. 2 seconds to generate the report and 2 to 5 seconds to print, just like it use to. I waited to make the switch back because most other people are not reporting an issue. Word, excel, etc seems to print fine for most (but not all, some reports now coming in about slowness in these apps) We have almost all Windows 10 (ver 1607) 64 bit workstations. I have asked the user base for other reports of slowness, so far a very small number have responded. But if your user base is like mine, once one person reports slowness everybody seems to think it is slower!

Has anyone else had this issue and is there any known problems, TIDs on the latest iprint upgrade??