Add NetWare to tree having only OES servers?
I seem to remember there were some restrictions but I can locate any of those old documents.

The customer has two NetWare 6.5 servers running on hardware of the same vintage. One of them runs GroupWise 6.5.

There are two OES 2015 servers setup in a new tree ruining on VMware. The plan is to upgrade and have GroupWise 2014 run on one of the OES servers.

The upgrade will require:
  1. Upgrade GroupWise 6.5 to GroupWise 8 on NetWare.
  2. Migrate GroupWise 8 from NetWare to OES
  3. Upgrade GroupWise 8 on OES to GroupWise 2014

Because the hardware is so old, there is some concern it may not survive steps 1 and 2.

The plan is to create a new virtual NetWare server with GroupWise 6.5 leaving the existing NetWare server as a backup and do all the work on the virtual NetWare server. It would simplify everything if the new virtual NetWare server could be installed into the new eDir tree which currently only contains the two OES 2015 servers.

Are there any restrictions I should be aware of?