I think this is a question to snielson...

The history:
Using GMS Version: 14.2.1 Build: 289 / GW2014R2SP1HP2 (125534) on GW-server
We have one user, which have periodically syncing issue (1x every 1-2
month), most with missing calendar items on the devices (1x iPhone, 1x
As we have decided to have an own GMS for users which needs shared-folder
syncing, we have set-up a new server with GMS Version: 14.2.1 Build: 289
So we have moved this user to new server some weeks ago.
Before moving to new server we had
- removed user from old server first
- clean-up all items in POA/eventConfigList
- removed Exchange/ActiveSync accounts on the devices
- manually checked folder structure in GW
- checked folder structure with dsapp
This user is alone on this server, except on test-user

The issue:
Last Friday, user told us that calendar items are missing on the iPhone...
- GMS shows devices as synced

- Check GroupWise folder structure ok
- GMS-Healthcheck Reference Count.. failed

The question:
What does "Reference Count" check in the deep?
How to troubleshoot this issue?

SR's with MF were not very usefull, to cut a long story short: they ask for
reinitialize user as described above...
Any other suggestions are welcome.

Thanks for help