This is one of the most popular Accounting package in the UK used by Small Business
I think Sage also sell this in the US under possibly a different name

Depends what you call "Small Business" - we have companies about 50-60 employees
using Sage 50... Of course NOT everyone in the company uses Accounts !!!

Emailing Invoices & Statement is important requirement for Sage users
for it save of Postage stamps...

Well with GroupWise 2014 this does NOT work correctly

emails go out immediately - works fine BUT

Sage 50 has a feature to send email to users mailbox - the user can check and use Resend to send it if ok...
Well that feature does NOT work... [Works fine with GW2012 client]

GW 2014 latest FTF does not work either

Sage can't help because no body uses GroupWise !

anyone using Sage 50 with GroupWise