I know, XP support has been dropped in ZEN 2017. (There is no .Net 4.5 for XP)

Well we have 2 XP workstations left for several reasons. 11.4.3 agent is installed and works fine on the clients.

Now I finally deployed System Updates to all leftover Devices in the Management Zone. (seven are left in detail - including the 2 XP Workstations).

First I thought ZEN2017 recognizes that this update can't be deployed on Win XP machines, so these machines are skipped by the updater and don't show up again.
In fact the XP machines show up fist under Pending and after a while under failed (message: .net 4.5 is not installed - sure it is not - it's XP ).

How can I handle this behaviour and get rid of the 2 machines under 'failed'?