Dear All ,
i'm engaged in project where users have to present there
usernames and fingerprint for window logon but we get a new customer
requerment to control the logon to web applictions with the same
credentials username & fingerprint.
becouse the customer is afraid of user how might login with there real
credentials (User name & fingerprint ) for login and then using other
stolen credentials (username & Password ) using different user and this
destroies the main principal of NAAF v5
the case is to impalement a specific technique to prevent this political
frauds and force users to open web app with also username & fingerprint
i thought about "ATFS" this is already supported by "NAAF v5 " but
actually i dont know how it might be done and i don't have the required
knowlege to doing these
guys i will appreciate you will support and looking forward your

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