You may have already seen the "Windows 10 RS2" announcement for the
Open Enterprise Server forums if you're using the web interface. This
extra post is just to ensure the information shows up in "unread
message lists" or non-web interface access to the Windows client

The Windows 10 Creators Update ("1703" or March 2017 release of
Windows 10) has introduced a Windows upgrade issue that causes a loss
of all Client for Open Enterprise Server configuration settings during
the Windows upgrade process. For more information on this issue,
please see TID 7018786.

Microsoft has already started making the final Windows 10 1703 build
available by going to If you
are on Windows 10, it will show an "Update Now" button by which you
can initiate an installation immediately after downloading a small
setup program. If you are on Windows 8.1 or earlier, it provides only
the "Download MediaCreationTool.exe" to download the full ~4GB
installation media to an .ISO or USB.

We're not sure exactly when Microsoft will begin pushing Windows 10
1703 using Windows update, but it should begin in April 2017 and will
likely be "staggered" (some machines get it first, other machines get
it later) as with the previous Windows 10 updates.

Alan Adams
Client for Open Enterprise Server
Micro Focus