Just wondering! In times being I was a big fan of iFolder. Still am, sort of. Anyway, when first Filr was out I was a bit surprised that it can't handle "unlimited" count (and size) of user files, not from client point of view nor view from server. I mean, iFolder could handle almost unlimited file count and total size. I had for our users some 20 or 30 thousand files synced ... no problem whatsoever.
"Maximum file size -- There are no software restrictions, but the administrator can specify the maximum file size that users can synchronize as a system-wide policy.
Maximum number of directories -- No software restrictions; depends on the servers and clients local file systems."

I was and am also a fan of Filr. Much better (comparing to iFolder), of course, file sharing capabilities (and much more, surely), no doubt of that, but does Filr have now (with version 3.x) same capabilities of file handling as iFolder (still!) does have? May I copy into Filr thousands and thousands of files I want to keep and share between my own devices and with other people as well!? And at same time keeping server and other involved in sync process computers in ... good health! =)
(There is no secret that because of excellent and powerful (meaning capabilities) file handling iFolder was widely used as sort of (file) backup solution. Probably still is.)
Just wondering!
More thanks, Alar.