Micro Focus has released GroupWise 2014 R2 Support Pack 2 (14.2.2)

Security Fixes
1022895 - Oracle Outside-In security updates for Jan 2017
1020674 - JRE update

Change Log

967687 - Sort Exclude lists in GWIA Access Control and POA Scheduled Events
973362 - Unsuccessful LDAP sync by MTA sets on user accounts expiration date
980717 - After upgrade to 2014, not able to remove gateway alias from external entities
986015 - Issue with password expiration policy and Active Directory
1021769 - Domain administrator cannot edit users in GW Admin console if domain/po name is in the incorrect case (uppercase or lowercase)
1025098 - Reorder the items on the Client Options Integration left-hand navigation panel
1030315 - The GroupWise Administration Console displays an error when working with nicknames for resource objects
1030950 - Help link errors
1031552 - Fix problems with validating roles for mixed case domains and post offices

Calendar Server
1000912 - All day events without timezone show up on wrong day

Calendar Publisher
982841 - Published calendars do not display in Firefox or IE with compatibility mode

Windows Client
1018927 - Infinite loop when accepting an appointment that has a view name or account id (comes in from outside the system)
987250 - Client hangs when trying to access attachments in shared folders
989822 - Drag and drop attachment to desktop changes the "name information" of the file
996425 - GW client always downloads a mail attachment / BLOB via a secure C/S connection
1000763 - Attachment jpg lost when forwarding message
1005656 - PTX document temp files are removed with application still open
963384 - AM/PM mark drawing incorrectly
981506 - Appointment sent from custom view shows 1.1.1970.
1009712 - Day picker window overlap issue when calendar view is maximized on entire screen.
1012606 - The Month and Calendar view does not update when switching back and forth to a proxy mailbox.
1012686 - Client locking up when clicking on the calendar tab.
972176 - Skype ics not showing all text in description.
998407 - Sort by Categories does not also sort by date.
963816 - Copy and paste from HTML view still adding unwanted spaces.
1009726 - Copying and pasting an image from one mail to another fails.
990858 - Delegate does not work anymore after upgrade to 14.2.x POA.
982898 - Unread panel suddenly turns on sent items.
994003 - Filtering the sent items folder, when sorted by subject, never returns anything.
986065 - Find / Filter in a Remote /Caching Mailbox is showing too many results.
994318 - Quicksearch only finds items of today.
1016906 - Quicksearch not showing calendar items.
968473 - D126 record update filter failed error when searching a shared folder.
989066 - Shared sub-calendars are missing the calendarAttribute element.
965851 - Blank line added in message body.
984991 - Hyperlink issues when attachment filename contains cyrillic characters.
987962 - HTML message body text disappears when GW user clicks on Reply.
996948 - Default encoding does not properly display message.
1002545 - Mail body is blank.
1005490 - Client crash on mso99Lwin32client.dll / mso20win32client.dll.
1007237 - maito puts html in message body.
1015820 - Some 14.2.2 FTF builds are not working correctly with Formativ portal.
1017947 - GroupWise client does not properly display received HTML message.
938962 - Client install error "ordinal not found".
988367 - Install.bat /unattended error - Microsoft Visual C++ 2013.
989114 - Client install breaks iPrint client - MSVCR120.dll.
990018 - Unattended GroupWise Client 2014 R2 SP1 via Zen is no longer working.
1015438 - Running install.bat with silent, errors out the first time.
957875 - Words improperly marked as mispelled when switching languages.
962780 - Unexpected mail group selection after previewing few mails.
985899 - Client crash while sending mail or replying to mail.
988318 - New mail flag on shared folder shows every time the client is started regardless of whether there is new mail or not.
990955 - Since upgrading to R2 SP1, the client hangs when opening random email messages.
991072 - C006 error in German client.
991522 - Original message with Chinese characters get garbled when using forward using GW client.
993380 - Client crashes at times when opening, forwarding or replying to messages.
981449 - Client crashes in caching mode.
982271 - Link on email does not link to the correct page.
984644 - Running R2HP1, users get D04F several times throughout the day.
987065 - D04F error at random times while running the windows client.
989636 - Random client crashes with the R2 SP1 client - Folder Tree related.
990512 - Client crash on Windows 10 since upgrade to r2 sp1.
991310 - GroupWise client hangs when opening certain messages.
1009131 - Client crashes randomly.
1015353 - Application connection table full after upgrade into HP2 and using newer clients.
1020155 - Client takes 40 to 50 seconds longer to do anything after moving system from Linux to Windows.
986599 - Inconsistent color use.
992586 - Changing from filtered mailbox to filtered multi user calendar view hangs client.
975407 - Printing message in Chinese prints the signature line even if there is no signature there.
959989 - Sending a mail from a proxy mailbox to a personal group has 0 recipients.
994029 - Sender address set in new format GHV templates not being used when sending messages via proxied user.
990954 - When doing a reply to all on a message from an appliance, the To field is blank.
999695 - Part of the message is missing when using reply.
1008562 - Client crashes when replying/forwarding an email with image.
1013138 - For messages from the email address of a distribution list, replies go to recipient rather than to distribution list email address.
946177 - Colon missing in 'when actions are' section after Accept Rule has been created.
1022338 - NGW_E_UDW_RULE_TOKEN_FLAGS is not written to the database if there is not a start and end date set (Needed for Mobility to function as expected).
1024755 - Client crash with vacation rule.
1026226 - Vacation Rule: If the Main message body is empty, the External message body can't be saved.
992737 - Unable to save an attachment from a forwarded mail.
1024219 - Users can send emails despite mailbox showing that quota has been exceeded.
988832 - Caching client does not use Default Global Signature.
979365 - Task list panels display "Start Date" for posted tasks as "Today" rather than actual start dates.
909061 - Unable to save default compose font color settings.
995585 - Backslash in saved view changes to ampersand.
1000089 - Saving modified customer view corrupts file.
1005250 - Client crash selecting December 1 or 2 in MU view.
984925 - Groupwise sees pdf files created with pdf creator version 1.6 as something other than text.
1001144 - Hang when opening mail.
1031126 - Cursor positioned incorrectly after createing second bullet point formatting section.

Document Viewer Agent
970685 - DVA cores even after applying gw14.2.0-122791.
983966 - DVA goes into high utilization several times during the day - waiting Oracle Stellent fixes.
1018418 - DVA is creating tons of files - randomly resulting in disk full errors.
1025991 - GroupWise DVA Seg faults immediately on startup.

981424 - GWIA can't look up name servers in Windows 2012 R2 if server is setup as a DHCP.
986301 - Status tracking on completed checklist items.
986325 - Duplicate cancel notifications on appointments from Exchange.
986330 - Duplicate appointments after an appointment update from Exchange.
987392 - Auto-replies display string "&" on some clients.
991751 - Buffer overflow in creating a comment for a group.
994694 - Shared folder replication stops after transferring ownership.
996101 - Move user not completing if you have a shared folder tree.
996129 - Not creating NGW_HSZ_THREAD correctly in some instances.
1005043 - With a cross-host shared address book, you have to exit the client to get deletes to replicate.
1005294 - LDAP Connection down using SSL.
1008960 - Errors in POA Logs that are not going away even after gwcheck.
1010931 - Invite-Delegate option sends a notification email with wrong account photo.
1027114 - To-do Folder doesn't move with Move User.
1027118 - GWCheck - 8209 errors on external calendar events.

GroupWise Internet Agent (GWIA)
771142 - Groupwise mail threading broken.
985680 - Unable to send to some domains with extended characters.
985900 - Getting an unwanted extra day of a recurring appointment.
985906 - Appointment edits from the internet lose personalizations.
990000 - Fatal error processing incoming message, Error: 616E after upgrade to GroupWise R2.
991529 - Decline notification date/time for external appointment is the same as the appointment date/time.
995338 - The name of a resource is duplicated in the From: field of an outbound mail.
1008931 - Emails with MS Word attachments via GWIA arrive corrupted.
1015331 - Increase the hop count for the GWIA.
1022090 - External Recipient sees garbage when from contains extended character.
1022373 - GWIA moves received messages to problem dir if bad UTF-8 characters in subject.
1025099 - Outbound messages through GWIA are not threading.

979936 - Run the catchupquickfinder switch during a gwcheck on a caching DB.
1017365 - Windows gwcheck in 14.2.2 branch does not run.

ICAL protocol support
967918 - External appointment creation date shows 31 December 1969.
983320 - GW doesn't handle Outlook series modifications after a single instance has been modified.

1004267 - incorrectly checks OS check.
1010082 - Python error when Configuring Web components on SLES12sp2.
1018291 - New build from 14.2.2 FTF fails to start any agent with GUI.
1030350 - Monitor agent configure does not properly Base64 encode certificate password.

Message Transfer Agent (MTA)
980423 - GWMTA not setting the Linux RLIMIT_NOFILE option like the GWPOA and GWIA does today.
983562 - Primary Domain on Windows shows several Windows Post Offices closed then open repeatedly.

981461 - Add new branding to gwmon language selector page.
992183 - Default monitor agent to start with SSL enabled.
(no bug #) - Monitor Agent reporting no HTTP for all GW agents

Outlook Client Support
1007334 - Outlook comments not working with appointments.
1012752 - Problems with Russian extended chars in display name part of email address using Outlook - GMS.

Post Office Agent (POA)
971492 - Performance issue - slowness for all users on Post Office.
971693 - Post Office Database will not update on domain - 8209 error.
985915 - Edited instance of a recurring appointment from Exchange becomes unlinked from the series.
986299 - Memory leak.
987523 - POA core - _WpsvGetContextsFromBag.
990851 - POA Crash
991914 - After update to GroupWise 2014 R2 SP1 build 124188 the POA randomly cores.
992895 - POA crash on exit due to MTP.
994117 - POA crash when submitting gwcheck from gwadmin console.
994393 - Frequent POA crashes - buffer overridden in log writing.
994664 - POA causing high CPU and eventually crashes.
994929 - POA crashing after applying FTF.
995576 - POA cores 5 to 6 times in a day - TNEF handling.
996942 - Enabling high level SOAP logging causing the POA to crash and/or the server to core.
998653 - POA cores following update to 14.2.1HP1.
1006883 - Cluster POA crash after upgrading to 124595 build.
1015436 - POA stopping during night.
1015888 - Configuring SSO with Active Directory (Linux PO) on an NCS cluster results in a GW password prompt.
1024516 - GW POA segfault - waiting for a readable core.
1025444 - POA core - waiting for status update.
1028532 - POA core - poa crashed inside Flaim.

IMAP Protocol
960616 - Native Mac Mail Client: New items not showing up.
993654 - Extended characters get truncated when using IMAP protocol on Android or iOS devices.
1004390 - Deleting a message from the GW client appears to delete the wrong message in the Mac Mail client.
1023265 - IMAP via GWIA will allow very large draft messages to use up all available disk space.

LDAP protocol
986432 - Can't bind to ldap service with cn=adminapp,o=system.
1008123 - Admin Service LDAP does not show/support the GroupWise GUID.

SOAP protocol
987731 - D107 Error on FireFox when transferring owner rights to a folder.
988400 - When users log into WebAccess they get an "unable to add instance" error.
989605 - QueryRequest is returning documents but it's misidentifying those as shared folder notifications.
992891 - Shared address book right changes do not provide a UUID for shared recipients.
995425 - D01B error streaming attachments.
995682 - Streaming or downloading embedded attachments in a folder sharedToMe does not work.
995870 - Administrator changed GWIA and Mobility is now getting SAB deltas on the GWIA record.
1003412 - If vacationrule doesn't have a start/end date, we don't get the "replyToExternalUsers" setting in the getRuleListResponse.
1005691 - When Mobility sends to a SAB group with 1000+ recipients, the connection times out.
1007331 - Creating the vacation rule via SOAP requires a subject. The Windows client does not require a subject.
1021477 - SOAP redirection is using wrong address for GroupWise Mobility.
1022148 - On the Vacation Rule, external subject and message body are not returned unless a start and end date are added to rule.
1022151 - On a vacation rule, SOAP is not returning the myContactsOnly element.

SDK - Object API
989592 - OAPI - Granular proxy access settings for rules, folders and security options are missing.

1016906 - Quicksearch not showing calendar items.

962582 - Accepting shared address book shows E71E error - A folder with specified name already exists.
981724 - On day and week view a right click gives "Add appointment", but not on 31 day view.
989598 - Shared sub-calendars are missing the calendarAttribute element.
989435 - GW WebAccess 14.2.1 doesn't reply to any DL.
997095 - WebAccess - attaching files to new message in mobile interface does not actually attach the file.
1001160 - WebAccess does not exclusively use the address in the reply-to: field.
1015365 - WebAccess sending attachment that was deleted.
1027140 - WebAccess attachments smaller than 10kb are received as 0kb.
989808 - WebAccess Find feature returns no results when including category.
1028498 - Search function bypasses explicit granted proxy rights.
1012453 - WebAccess not receiving slaps anymore from the POA.
981702 - Due time entry does not appear to validate for legal times.
998453 - WebAccess stores temp file in unencrypted format.
1002041 - A few WebAccess users cannot SEND e-mail from WebAccess.
1004015 - Problems with auto-refresh feature of WebAccess on Windows platforms.
1028566 - Webaccess users must login 2 times to successfully login.
999837 - On ios10 you can't reply to messages.
1029399 - WebAccess mobile interface does not find any or random search results.
985724 - Error 951F, The username or password you entered is incorrect.
964679 - Spellcheck removes line in Hungarian.
996327 - Mobile interface does not honor "Attachment access control" settings to disable viewing of attachments.
1031543 - Name completion does not work on Android.