For the 11.4 upgrades there was a file and
a chapter in the upgrade guide. This allowed you you migrate an 11.3.x
Linux server directly to an 11.4 Appliance, retaining the identity of
the old server. This way you could convert a client to appliance
without having to install fresh temporary servers, waiting a few weeks
for devices to see the new servers, and then removing the old servers.

There is unfortunately no version of this utility in the ZenWorks 2017
downloads and the chapter to has disappeared. Which is a pity for me
because I am wanting to do this. Is there a good reason why this wasn't
possible this release?

The script it runs doesn't look like rocket science; it simply prepares
a vastorage disk from the standard paths and places some version files
in appropriate places. Has anybody tried this; presumably completely

Paul K