I've started looking at the 4.5 Identity Apps, the last time I looked at
UserApp was and with HPD, I thought I was pretty
familiar with the terminology being used in the 4.5 Identity Apps. I
have to ask though has anyone ever got this working straight out of the
box? The initial impression with the numerous errors during the install,
the bad documentation, it really is quite woeful!

After curing far too many issues in what used to be a solid install
routine in previous versions. I'm now at the stage that the
configupdate.sh does not update anything during the user app gui
install, this time around I got a warning about something failing during
the install and was it ok to continue ( I assume that it was the
configupdate.sh as I had clicked apply to all the settings I added)
check the install log, no warning, no errors. The catalina.out file
states an illegalstateexception, looking at the ism-config-properties
file there are no settings for any of the changes I made in the user app
install configupdate. Start configupdate and the ua driver dn is
missing, I can't select advanced options of the Identity Vault tab to
check the rest of the information (edit_admin=true), although I can
select advanced in the other two tabs. All the SSO Client information is
missing, secrets, redirect urls.

I know there are patches, but do they work, do you have reinstall
everything configure it without being able to check, add patches and
hope it works? I downloaded a new IDM Advanced iso hoping updated base
files had been incorporated, but same results.

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