I have a customer that has a GW-system that have been around for a long time.
Now running GW2014R2.
Everything works fine, and looking into the "real" Dom/PO they have correct Database versions, 1420.

But they have since long ago some External Domains and POs, for holding mailaddresses to to external contacts.
When looking in GWadmin it says, when looking at Domains: DOMAINNAME (GW5), and PONAME (GW5).
Looking in them, under the General tab, it says Database version 500. Probably the domain have been around since then.

I now need to create a new External PostOffice, under the domain that have this "old" DB-version. Is that a problem?
Do I need, and how, upgrading the External domain/po to reflect new version.
As it is External stuff, there are no databases to upgrade...

Everything in them today works fine, but it looks bad, showing XXX (GW5).
I did create a new External Domain and PO a while ago, for a special purpous and looking in those the DB-version looks correct.
But the existing ones. Something I need to do?