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Thread: what are these appearantley unused policies in Designer

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    what are these appearantley unused policies in Designer

    Good morning, I am deploying an eDir to eDir driver and got a warning about some default notifications not being available for the rule sub-otp-EmailOnFailedPasswordPub. After deploying I looked at my driver via the fishbone view and there is not one single policy/rule on my entire Subscriber channel so I was confused about why I was getting a warning for something that didn't seem to exist. I went to the Outline view in Designer and I do see the rule there but it is not under the subscriber or publisher channel but rather just under the IDVault base driver. I see that for every rule that is in the Outline view but not in the fishbone view, there is a different icon on it.....but not sure why these are showing up in the outline view if they aren't in the driver fishbone view and also at this point I am wondering if they are actually being used for something. I have attached the images to this thread.

    Basically....what are these rules for if they are not in my fishbone view and is the driver using them?
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