Using PlateSpin Migrate version 12.0.0 (434) [Server 12.0.0 (434)] to P2V a RHEL 6.7 Oracle Server. The dry run is failing on step 6.5.1 (Creating and Partitioning volumes) with the following error: There is not any free space in volume group vgora01.

That is a true statement, the volume group vgora01 has no unallocated space left on it. I understand Platespin will use unallocated space to put the snapshot - I'm wondering if this destination is configurable?

VG Name: vgora01
Allocated: 1.09TB
Free: 0GB

There are no drives or space left to add to the VG. And the allocated space cannot be reduced (to free up unallocated space) because this is a mission critical Oracle database and we cannot risk data-loss or corruption. I am wondering if there is any good way out of this situation?

Thanks very much.