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Thread: AM 4.3 - Redhat 7.3 - Start services automatically

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    AM 4.3 - Redhat 7.3 - Start services automatically


    A customer has installed AM 4.3 on RedHat 7.3 servers. An ADS server, IDS server and AGW server.

    None of the services start automatically. Meaning:

    ADS - not starting eDirectory
    ADS - not starting Tomcat

    AGW - nothing starts

    IDS - nothing starts

    So, how would we go about doing this? It seems strange that this is not done like on SLES, where everything start autmatically.

    There are the following script in init.d:

    # ls /etc/init.d
    functions* netconsole* network* novell-activemq* novell-agscd* novell-apache2* novell-appliance* novell-jcc* novell-mag

    But they do not work.

    Should we make our own startup scripts? What about dependencies between the services?

    What should we do?

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