I am trying to do an update of eDirectory 8.8 SP8 to eDirectory
9.0.2. Running SLES12-SP2. Everything went fine, the upgrade
process was successful, edir up and running.

The problem is, when i try to interact with HTTPS from server.
# zypper up
Refreshing service 'SUSE_Linux_Enterprise_Server_12_SP2_x86_64'.
Download (curl) error for 'https://updates.suse.com/SUSE/Updates/
Error code: Curl error 59
Error message: failed setting cipher list: DEFAULT_SUSE
Another example:
# curl https://google.com
curl: (59) failed setting cipher list: DEFAULT_SUSE

This is probably not SP2 related, as I had the same problem on
SP1 before. I also tried to upgrade to eDirectory 9.0.3, same
issue. The error is somehow caused by eDirectory upgrade and
happens right after the upgrade (as I verified several times -
reverted from snapshot).

Any pointers? Thoughts?