The school district I work for has been running GroupWise for about ten years now. I put it in when I started due to the e-mail service they were on failing in so many ways. For the most part the systems have been on-line and functioning over those ten years. In my opinion an added benefit is keeping communications running even when internet service is down, which happened yesterday.

My problem is even with providing training, sharing YouTube video's on how the product can be used, as well as End User documentation, I still am having trouble getting the majority of my end users to actually use the product outside of "Having to use the e-mail" portion of the product. We deploy both Google G-Suite and Office 365 to all staff and student with the exception off e-mail from those areas for staff and gmail for students. I have several camps with different opinions and demands on moving to something other then GroupWise. None have given a sound enough argument to prompt a move at this point. A few have gone as far as refusing to use anything but the e-mail side.

Beyond the typical client attitude of "I have to have it my way and wont user anything else" attitude, does anyone have a method or advice on how to better attain more end user buy in and use of the product? I try to keep the product up to date as much as possible and have implemented any options end users might want. A big road block is going to be the lack of Administration buy in. None of them have an opinion of what to use. They just don't use anything.

I doubt I will get additional money for purchasing training material or bringing anyone in to train but am willing to try anything to further promote collaboration, especially within this product line.

Thanks for the advice/help.