I'm working with Zenworks 11.4.3 latest patch and image drivers as of March 2017. I place the Zen imaging CD and boot the computer selecting the SATA CDROM as the boot drive. I restore the image to the new hard drive. The second partition is correct, but the first partition should be "System Reserved 500MB NTFS" but instead is "System Reserved 493MB NTFS". Also, it will not boot after I remove the CD and restart the computer. Hangs on the first windows screen with a spinning circle.
If I boot to to the UEFI CDROM I get a different looking Zenworks screen (red back ground and some letters are not correct). I arrow down to manual and press enter (as I do in the SATA CDROM menu) and I get a black screen with a flashing cursor in the upper left corner. Can't get further than this to take or restore and image.
I've tried with Windows 8.1 pro and now trying with Windows 10 pro. No change.