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    iManager load times comparison

    As mentioned before I am trying to work remotely with bad connections and I managed to find some help from iManager local frontend / caching. It seems that the latest iManager is quite a bit slower in this so I decided to time it out.

    Here are times from clicking "Identity Manager Overview" to driver set overview with visible driver icons - using Apache ajp front end locally with and without caching, two different iManager (and Tomcat) versions.

    iManager 2.7.5 / tomcat 5

    without caching
    0:21 (21 seconds)

    with caching
    1st time 0:21
    2nd time 0:14

    Latest iManager 3 with Tomcat 8

    without caching
    1:30 (one minute and 30 seconds)

    with caching
    1st time 1:32
    2nd time 1:26

    Sadly to my surprise the speed gain is nullified with the iManager 3. Something more is communicated between front end and tomcat application with version 3 and perhaps the nocache headers in the later versions as mentioned in the earlier thread? Some Apache header modifications may help but there must be a reason why content is marked as not cacheable?
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