I did some comparisons of Firefox and Google Chrome to see how they
compared in terms of packets sent for a variety of actions. The first
number is the total packets to that point, and the number in parentheses
is the count of packets for that operation (current total packets minus
previous total packets):

Google Chrome

Login page: 481
Login: 931 (450)
Logout: 976 (45)

Login: 1343 (367)
Click Roles/Tasks (reload): 1461 (138)
Click Roles/Tasks (reload): 1579 (118)
Logout: 1624 (45)

Login: 1990 (366)
Click Roles/Tasks (reload): 2107 (117)

Login page: 398
Login: 776 (378)
Logout: 825 (49)

Login: 1028 (203)
Click Roles/Tasks (reload): 1164 (136)
Click Roles/Tasks (reload): 1298 (134)
Logout: 1349 (51)

Login: 1533 (184)
Click Roles/Tasks (reload): 1663 (130)

It seems that Login events, in particular, have significantly fewer
packets on the wire in Firefox. The total size of the Google Chrome
capture was 1.3 MiB, and for Firefox it was just 1 MiB; not a huge
difference, but I guess it could matter, particularly during a login.

I may need to find some fresh browsers for testing to make sure
plugins/extensions/add-ons are not impacting results, but I still think
that I'm seeing better results now than I was without caching. Better,
and more, testing is still needed.

Good luck.

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