Hi Team,

By default there is a Refresh button field in user application under role resource configuration setting it has a 1440 minute timeline. It fetch all groups from base dn specified in group entitlement in every 1440 minutes(24 hrs). I observed from the ad driver log and found it stores the group as entitlement in a mapping table(group-value) in octet format.

My question is there any way to get only delta groups(groups that are created in AD between two refreshment interval) as entitlement query output instead of querying the entire set of groups again in next entitlement refreshment time(i.e after 24 hours). The volumes of the AD groups around 70 K. It might take many time to pull them every time.

Please let me know the the way to customize the query as if I can pull only the delta groups every time during entitlement refreshment.