I have two OES 2015 servers, one running the GA release still and the other SP1. NSSAD is configured and working properly on the GA server. I'm now trying to configure it on the SP1 server. I've run through the config in YaST, AD-enabled the pool & volume, but when I try to access the server from a Windows 2012 R2 server I keep getting prompted for credentials even though I'm already logged into the Windows server as the domain administrator.

I thought this might be due to the CIFS virtual server name not matching the NCP server name. That config goes back to when I originally configured CIFS when this server was still OES 2, and as a result the computer account created in AD was servername_cifs instead of servername. Before figuring out how to do that, I tried using novell-ad-util to remove the server from the domain and reran through the NSSAD config in YaST. No change. So after I figured out that I needed to use iManager to change the CIFS virtual server name and making it match the NCP server name, I tried leaving the domain and rerunning the config. Somewhere I messed something up because all the settings now remain greyed out in NSSAD no matter how many times I use novell-ad-util to leave and join the domain.

I tried to uninstall the NSSAD packages and had to break dependencies to do so. I've since reinstalled but right away the settings were greyed out so something remained in a config file somewhere. The nitd.conf file shows all the settings as NULL so it doesn't think the server is currently joined to the domain. I'm not sure what else to do to wipe the config and try setting it up now that the CIFS virtual server name matches the NCP server name.