I installed IDM 4.6 Reporting on 'Server B' where I migrated the EAS SIEM database.
I upgraded my IDM Applications (userapp, sspr, osp) from IDM 4.5.5 to IDM 4.6 on 'server A'.
I ran configupdate.sh on 'server A' and updated Report redirect url to point to 'server B'
I copied the osp.jsk file from server A to server B's tomcat folder so that I can point to it when I run configupdate.sh on 'server B'
I then ran configupdate.sh on 'server B' and configured the SSO redirect links as same as 'server A'.

I then login to idmdash on 'server A'. When I select IDM Reporting from the application, the web page failed. The URL on the web page is pointed to server A (i.e., http://'server A':8080/IDMRPT). If I manually edit the URL and changed it to server B (i.e. http://'server B':8080/IDMRPT), it will bring me to the IDM Report running on 'server B'.

Any idea where I went wrong with the configuration?

Thanks. David