Looking for a means to apply formatting Regex settings to editable data values in the idmdash my profile editor (/idmdash/#/profile, edit).

i.e. for Telephone Numbers, we want to apply \+\d{10,}
That is taken from the Profile editor setup in SSPR.

Same situation for an email address type attribute

In the Customization Settings, there is an empty field next to the Editable Attributes, but where is it defined what goes there? I tried putting in the regex in that field, but it did not seem to work.

The fields in the profile appear to be based on the User Entity in the DAL. Telephone Number is set to Data Type: String, Format Type: Phone Number, Control Type: <Default>. We want all phone number types to be the same. Is it possible to edit the Format Types in the DAL? Do the DAL Format Types get applied to the idmdash attributes?