Hello everyone,

We are running into an issue with new Dell c2660 printers we've installed.

We are currently not using Airprint to printing from our iPads, we use the process of sending the print jobs through the iPad to iPrint.

What seems to be happening, when we have this issue, is the print job gets to the printer; we hear the printer warm up and can see the document received it in the log, but the printer doesn't print. The printer log shows 0 (zero) Impression Number and 0(zero) No. of sheets.

Originally, when we first saw this issue we where at iPrint 1.0.1, so I updated to iPrint 2.1 with the latest patch. It did not fix the issue.

We found one cause and two solutions, 1) if someone changes the paper type from letter to A4, iPads will not print until the paper type is changed back to letter and 2) if #1 has not been changed you have to power sequence the printer for printing from iPads to continue.

At no time is iPrint from a workstation affected. This when you are using the actual driver for the c2660.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Many thanks,