When I read about the Filr integration in GW2014R2SP2, I thought it was an answer to a lot of problems. In particular, users at my site need to send out a ton of big files, but many external recipients still have small inbound size limits. I was of course hoping to force all large attachments into Filr, so that the recipients would just download the attachment.

Turns out, unless I am missing something, it's going to be of extremely limited use.

1) All outside recipients receive Filr attachments as External Shares rather than File Links. This means that the recipient has to register a Filr account and then login to Filr every single time they get an attachment. This is ridiculous... why can't it just send a file link?

2) No access to NetFolders. This seems kinds of dumb - if I want to send a NetFolder file to an outside user, instead of just sharing the file out from the NetFolder, it uploads a new copy of the file to the My Files area.

I can see where these features might be helpful to organizations that send lots of attachments internally, and to users that already share Filr files to specific external users who have registered Filr accounts already. But I just can't see expecting every random external recipient to register and login to filr every time they get an attachment.

If I missing something please point me in the right direction.