Hey there,

I am quite new here but our company uses vibe (4.0.2).

I would like to add to the workflow (resp. create a new one) for tasks that whenever someone posts a comment all of the assigned teams/groups/users get an e-mail.
Therefore I added a "Message" whenever the workflow transitions into a special state (whenever a comment is made).

Sadly, I don't find a way to add the following things to the message:
- title of the comment
- text of the comment
- author of the comment
- date/time of the comment
- text of the task the comment was made on

I can show the title of the task the comment was made on and add a permalink.

I don't use "Add entry title", "Add Link to the title" and "Add complete entry" because the data will be above my text, what I don't want.
Also "complete entry" does not include comments.

Can I do this with the default installation or is there an extension for this?
Can I do this by changing a JSP/VM file or by adding a custom workflow (JAR)?
Is there a better way to do this?
How can I check, what vibe:*-tags are available in my (mail)-text?

Thanks in advance.

Here is my text for the message:
HTML Code:
<h1>Automatic Message!</h1> Title: <i>{{vibe:title}}</i> <b> {{vibe:permalink|[ -&gt; Permalink &lt;-]}}</b> <br> -> New comment!

Note: vibe:data|description and vibe:data|comments is not allowed/possible, I guess.
(Those data|* were mentioned in the manual)