Its a single Sentinel Server(ISO Appliance ver 8) setup.. no additional CM. I have to collect events from IBM Lotus Domino ver 9.x(running atop MS Windows Server 2012) this Tuesday.
I am trying to understand the Collector Document We would try to go with the default SNMP method.

Under section "Configuring Sentinel Collector Manager in SNMP service on Domino server machine: > For Linux":
vi /etc/net-snmpd.conf
trapsink public 162
Am I required to perform the above on my sentinel box ?

Under section "3.1.2 Configuration Options > Configuring SNMP service on Sentinel Collector Manager machine: > For Linux(Lotus Domino Server installed on Windows):"
To receive SNMP traps sent to a port less than 1024, run the Syslog Event Source Server on a port greater than 1024 and
use port forwarding. You must run the following command as root:
iptables -A PREROUTING -t nat -p <protocol> --dport <incoming port> -j DNAT --to-destination
<IP>:<reroute port>
Why ? to receive SNMP traps do we need to forward events to Syslog Event Source Server ?

IBM Domino Collector also supports WMI .. and since Domino Server is running on MS Windows Server therefore I can also go with WMI. I don't know if IBM Domino logs its events in Event Viewer under "Security" logs... can we collect events via WMI other then Security