I am doing double time with dev work and testing both a Vibe setup as well as trying to test KeyShield, which for some reason SSO just isn't working for me.

In Vibe I configured the KeyShield settings and I get a successful test, but when I exit out and sign in again I am not getting an automatic sign-on. For reference I am getting a successful sign-on with my helpdesk solution which I also just configured using KeyShield.

With Vibe, I entered the same URL and port as my helpdesk has, the API that I made specific for Vibe, and left the default connection timeout and Username attribute alias.

For the Connector Name though, I am trying to enter it as it exists on my KeyShield server, "eDir" but after successful testing and clicking OK, this keeps changing to "edir." If you're not following the KS server has a capital D which gets entered but changes to a lowercase after saving the settings.

What else can I try or should I look at to figure out why SSO isn't working when I try to access my Vibe site? Thanks!