I'm trying to do SSO with SSPR using the HTTP Header.

I defined the SSO Authenticaation Header Name ssoAuthUsername.

Going to "https://pwmds/sspr/public/ForgottenPassword?ssoAuthUsername=usertest5" I expect the user to be recognized and process the password recovery method, in this case, to have a Token sent by email.

I see at the catalina.out that the HTTP Header is recognized:
2017-05-01T12:29:00Z, TRACE, http.PwmRequest, {56l} GET request for: /sspr/public/ForgottenPassword []
2017-05-01T12:29:00Z, TRACE, http.PwmResponse, {56l} forwarding to /WEB-INF/jsp/forgottenpassword-search.jsp []

But instead of recognizing the user and continuing with the change procedure, appears the page that prompts to search for the user.

I trying also with the full DN of the user, but without success.

Jose Luis