We have IDM 4.5.5 running on Windows 2012 R2. we are planning to upgrade to IDM 4.6.

We can do the eDirectory and IDM Engine upgrade on the existing servers, we have no issues on that.

But, can we have the IDM 4.6 apps (user application - IDMProv, idmdash etc.,) installed on a new windows server? so that we can have the IDM 4.5.5 and IDM 4.6 apps running together.

The reason is: Currently the end users are using IDM 4.5.5 apps. We dont want them to switch over immediately to IDM 4.6 apps is installed.
Once IDM 4.6 apps testing is done, and its stable then we can plan for switch over.

Please let us know if this can be doable and your comments on this approach.

- thanks in advance