Neighbor brought over his daughter's external usb ssd (at least I
*think* it's a ssd, it's pretty small). It's a seagate backup plus
portable drive, model SRD00F1.

Anyway, it doesn't fully install on a windows box, or any other device
I've tried. In windows, it starts to install drivers, etc, and it just
hangs and never finishes installing drivers, and never shows up
anywhere in windows (not in management, drivepart, etc).

Doing some online research, I found a forum thread where it was
mentioned that the bridge board between the usb connector and the
actual drive went bad. Guy says the drive can be taken apart and
connected via a sata connector to access the drive.

Wondering if anyone has run into anything similar or has anything else
to suggest trying.

I really want to come through on this, as apparently this drive
contains information pertaining to neighbor's daughter obtaining her