A customer has just experienced something odd. Their Exchange went out of memory and after it was fixed, IDM could sent mails to Exchange again. But, only to normal Exchange mailboxes, not shared mailboxes. This went on for days without anyone noticing until today.

So, all the mails sent to shared mailboxes, and there are 3 of them, have not been received. We have look at Exchange logs and nothing has been received on the shared ones. All the normal mailboxes have received mails.

So I look at the catalina.out log and there are no errors. All the mails looks like they have been sent. Also mails sent to shared mailboxes from drivers appears to have been sent without error, but have not been received.

After a reboot of eDirectory (IDM server) and UA server, mails do get sent to shared mailboxes again. But, all the mails sent in the period where it has been unable to send to shared mailboxes, are nowhere to be found.

Are there any logs i can look at except catalina.out for this? It appears like IDM thinks it has sent the mails, but in reality it hasn't. What is strange is that it is ONLY mails to shared Exchange mailboxes that are missing.

Thanks in advance,