OS is Win10-1703. I never came up to this my life on so many other machines, and maybe it is a pure MS issue, not of client. But maybe someone encountered a same issue.

If I copy a folder containing such files to local drive, all works.
If I open a DOCX, a TXT, Excel, SPSS, several images on server it works, too. But especially HTM(L) files do fail in PsPad and IE (a TXT linked to PsPad did open). But But in EDGE and Chrome all that HTM-files opens as usual.

I ran out of any idea why so specific HTM do fail in EI itself and in PsPad, just to pen where IE routines are PsPad's preview.

I uninstalled client, removed PsPad, resetted IE with no success. Now I need some ideas what all this has in common to get it solved.

Eric March