I'm trying to import user data with the DL driver. The source contains the attributes country, postal_code, city, and street. I created a schema mapping to the eDirectory attributes co, homeZipCode, homeCity, and homePostalAddress. The first three mappings are working fine, but I can not get the value of the street attribute into the postalAddress attribute.
When I open the user view in iManager and open the Personal Info of the User Profile of a user object, the street field is mapped to the homePostalAddress attribute. When I enter a street here, like "New Street 5", it appears in eDirectory as "$New Street 5". But even if I define a rule in my import policy to put a "$" in front of the street name, it can not be imported into the homePostalAddress attribute. When I use an ldap editor and manually set homePostalAddress to "$New Street 5", it correctly appears in the street field in iManager.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.