GW 14.2.2 SLES11 SP4

After upgrading from GW2012 to GW2014 last year, we dissociated from eDirectory and associated to Active Directory, all pretty much without any serious issues. I recently came across something vexing. I am unable to move Resources that were (presumably) created in GW2012, and earlier, in C1. I get the following error on trying to do a move:

Number of moves submitted successfully: 0
Number of failed moves: 1
Failure Information:
RESOURCE.MyDom.MyPO.myresource Unable to resolve LDAP directory association for user 'MyDom.MyPO.myresource'

Diagnostics > Display Object shows that myresource has a Distinguished Name:

58004 Distinguished Name myresource.groupwise.nhcentral.xxxx

which I am confident is left over from its eDir days.

Resources created via the GW Admin Console move without complaint; Display Object shows no Distinguished Name.

There doesn't appear to be a way to dissociate/associate Resources in the Admin Console. I'm sure that deleting and recreating the Resources would fix the problem but is not at all desirable.

Any suggestions?