Years ago (at GroupWise 8 times i guess), i wrote an application accessing GroupWise to write CRM-Data from a AS/400 to GroupWise adressbooks.

The application is written in Java and uses gwws.jar (Web Services).

Management want's me now to change all GroupWise-Communication to SSL (we are on GW 2014R2).

So there are a couple of questions i have:

1. is SSL-Login via Web Services possible and if yes, how? Obviously, we used the PlainText-Class.

2. if a new gwws.jar using the new schema files on GW2014 is needed, how do we obtain that or are there instructions how to build it by ourselves?

3. is there a REST-based option in GW2014? we have seen the REST-API for Administration but we are not sure if it can be used to write to addressbooks.

Thank you