We are pushing an nds add document to a SOAP driver listener (publisher channel). When these add events match an existing user in the vault and a converted to a modify, we are seeing an additional operation trying to update the application (subscriber). This operation doesn't seem necessary and is posting the data back to the SOAP driver listener instead of the subscriber channel url which is failing with a bad certificate error. I don't think it would work even if the certificate was ok.

Here is the start of the extra event.

[05/15/17 09:34:41.458]:WkDay Driver PT:Performing operation modify for data\users\Corporate\M50824.
[05/15/17 09:34:41.458]:WkDay Driver PT:--JCLNT-- \IDVDEV\system\driverset1\Workday SOAP - Publisher : Duplicating : context = 1614807306, tempContext = 1614807438
[05/15/17 09:34:41.459]:WkDay Driver PT:Modifying entry data\users\Corporate\M50824.
[05/15/17 09:34:41.461]:WkDay Driver PT:--JCLNT-- \IDVDEV\system\driverset1\Workday SOAP - Publisher : Calling free on tempContext = 1614807438
[05/15/17 09:34:41.461]:WkDay Driver PT:Scheduling update of application with eDirectory values.

Is this normal for add events that convert to modify? Is there a good way to stop it? Any idea why it is trying to use the Publisher listener URL? Normal modifies on the Subscriber channel work correctly and post to the correct soap url.

Here is the full trace: https://pastebin.com/HiS73GYJ