I'm using the new AzureAD/O365 driver in hybrid mode at a site, so it's just handling Licensing and Roles. This seems to be working fine as long as I am just assigning the entire License to an IdM Role or Resource (e.g. E3). But this site has a need to do granular licensing. In other words, say assign an E3 license but not give the user Skype. I previously did this with the old driver using custom PowerShell calls via PSExecute. But I don't see any "easy" way to do it now with the new driver (and since I'm in hybrid mode, I don't have any PowerShell to call). Is there a way to do this out-of-the-box that I'm just missing?

Also, one complaint I'll mention, the license display in RRA when you view the entitlement values does not show enough information. So if you have multiples of the same type of licenses in your O365, you cannot tell them apart until you assign them to a role or resource. Quite annoying!

Lastly, the Azure Roles that this driver is picking up from Azure/O365, what are those roles? Where are they coming from? I haven't been able to figure that one out either.