I have some questions, doubts about Vibe system functions:

- first important issue for our department - whether it is available in the Vibe system design calendar so-called.
Gantt chart (an example in an annex) that would include (show) a period of eg 2 years of project duration?
To be honest it is quite important, personal calendar or individual projects includes (displays) a maximum of 30 days.
For projects, you would also need a calendar that would include synthesized tasks throughout the life of the project.
Is there such a version of the design calendar as standard or possibly an adaptation / creation?

- Another issue concerns notifications (especially Calendars) - What are the ways of notifications available?
Is it possible to set notifications in the Desktop application?
Colloquially describing the problem is to get the person from the given task to receive a notification / reminder
of the upcoming event, which would be visible on the computer (eg in the bottom right corner of the message,
system notification next to the system clock, something similar to DropBox)?
In addition, would it be possible to set these notifications / reminders "from hand" with a lead time,
eg 1 day or 7 days before a given event date?

Unfortunately, I have not found these features / options in guides / information available
on the web and in the system itself.

I would be grateful for any information / tips