I've read about dbcopy and have already setup a new array on the same server and copied the data from my groupwise post office (not the domain) to the new array. I understand I have to do a final pass with the agents down and then comes the fork in the road;

I can change the settings in consoleone to repoint the post office to the new location on the server; OR I've read some abbreviated comments talking about mount -o bind, which sounds attractive in that I would not have to repoint anything in consoleone.

I am trying to get my head around this. Am I mounting the new location to the old location? If I do that what happens to the files that were previously in the old location? Main reason I'm doing this is to free up space at the original location.

So right now my groupwise post office is at /usr/novell/sys/grpwise/db/hbwvpo and I have dbcopied that data to the new array located at /local/grpwise/db/hbwvpo

Could someone give a novice the right command to do what I'm needing to do here? And tell me once done, how I get rid of the old data? Also I assume I have to add this mount command to the fstab file to make this permanent.