I've got a user who's struggling with Filr - it is really slow, and causing Explorer to be unusable.

To try and remedy this, I've completely wiped his filr installation (including AppData\Local\Filr Storage and AppData\Novell\Filr), and My Files folder (after backing them up).

Following a reinstall, I've got some really strange behaviour. If I create a new Word document in My Files, it gets sync'd to the server ok. However, if I copy in a folder with 3 files in it, from his old My Files, they don't sync to the server, Filr says that the files are locked (in pending operations) and trying to open one of the files (Word or PDF documents) causes Explorer to crash.

Anybody any advice?

Client is Windows 7 x64, fully patched. Filr is 3.1.1.