Hello Members,

I see a some activities in gwpoa logs under my username and I am really sure that I have never touched those objects.

gwpoa logs:
11:03:29 8498 ADM: Completed: Update object in post office - User DOMAINA.POSTOFFICEA.usera (Administrator: horvathg.POSTIFFICEB.DOMAINB, Domain: DOMAINB)

According to the logs, last time I've modified a user and changed the email address of the user. I removed the override from Preferred Address Format, so the email address become invalid (space in Last Name). I am pretty sure that I was at home at that time.

On the diagnostic - information tab of the users mailbox in gwadmin I also see the same. But it was not me. How is this possible?

I have some scripts running, but those scripts are running under the Groupwise admin user and not mine. And I also change my password at a regular basis.

I also see the following on almost every mailbox (40k+):
Last Modified On: May 18, 2017 3:43:14 AM

Modification time varies between 2AM and 4AM.

GW sync runs every hour, and there is also a script writing email addresses back tho eDirectory ever hour. But what is running at 2 AM that modifies every mailbox?
Well, the Default Daily Maintenance Event runs at 2 AM. But why would this modify the "Last Modified On" timestamp on every mailbox? This makes no sense.

Thanks for the ideas