We are pleased to announce a new product—Micro Focus ZENworks® Mobile Workspace. This new product provides a simple yet highly secure MAM (Mobile Application Management) solution. It enables end users to access corporate data through a company-controlled workspace on their mobile devices. As a result, company assets are protected. And users don't suffer from device restrictions or potential privacy violations.


ZENworks Mobile Workspace offers the following capabilities:

  • Mobile Email Access—Enable your customer workforce to conveniently access corporate email accounts in a secure container on their mobile device.
  • Containerized Contact Lists—Keep the contact info of employees, customers, and partners accessible and secure in a mobile device container.
  • Secure Mobile Calendars—Employee calendars—including appointments, meetings, and attachments—also stay protected via containers on mobile devices.
  • Mobile Browser Access—Provide offsite access to company intranet resources and web applications without having to expose them directly to the Internet.

Business benefits include:

  • Real BYOD: Gain mobile productivity with full respect to user privacy and device freedom.
  • Seamless integration: Offers out-of-the-box integration with company infrastructure and systems.
  • Simple Management: Focus on managing corporate workspace without worrying about device configuration.
  • Enterprise Mobility Management compatibility: Deploy on top of any EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) or as a standalone solution.
  • Extended enterprise: Extend usage to deliver mobile access to external workforce.