A need has developed in our organization to track user authentication activity.

Given the purpose of eDirectory, the ability to provide that type of information in a report form would seem obvious, but that does not seem to be the case.

iManager has an Auditing and Logging section, but its purpose is not real clear.
The help file states: "Novell® iManager uses queries to request information from MySQL* and Oracle* databases."
To what end?

eDirectory documentation discusses auditing eDirectory events with 4 different mechanisms, but the documentation for all 4 mechanisms indicates that the auditing requires an outside mechanism to handle the actual logging and reporting process.

Back in the days of yore, if you needed to monitor when users logged in and out of eDirectory, you could use DSMeter.
Once Novell moved to Linux underpinnings, Visual Click shifted their focus to Active Directory and dropped DSMEter.
They still produce DSRazor for eDirectory, but it can't monitor authentication activity.

Novell/NetIQ/Microfocus has Identity Tracking for Identity Manager, but it does so much more than just log authentication that I can't imagine that it would be cost-effective for my simple needs.

I've tried to find a product that would leverage LDAP information to provide a similar report, but every product I've looked at is targeted towards Active Directory.

Does anyone know of a product that can either be used in conjunction the auditing mechanisms of eDirectory or perhaps LDAP events?