Hi guys,

i try to synchronize users from IDM to another LDAP (eDIR) using LDAP driver and I need to synchronize the password expiration time.
The problem is that some users have this time as negative value and i do not know why.
<add-attr attr-name="Password Expiration Time">
<value timestamp="1352269624#7" type="time">-795425493</value>

and if i try to convert the time to the format yyyyMMddhhmmss, then I am getting value which is not valid in LDAP and of course the error:
Message: LDAPException: Constraint Violation (19) Constraint Violation
LDAPException: Server Message: NDS error: syntax violation (-613)

But if I browse the users in Apache Directory Studio then I see correct information e.g. (22.11.2080 23:56:43 MEZ (20801122225643Z))
Can be a problem that the number in seconds, which represents the time, overloads "nint32 Integer_T"?

How can I get correct value in time conversion? in my case the value: 20801122225643Z