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Thread: NAM 4.2 or 4.3 and userapp 4.5.5 - SAML - OSP

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    NAM 4.2 or 4.3 and userapp 4.5.5 - SAML - OSP


    I have a simple question:

    We have a cluster UA 4.5.5, configured to authenticate by SAML on the OSP

    On each UA, we have the OSP service.

    Do you need a SP trust from NAM IDP to each UA/OSP with the real name of the machine, or only one SP trust on the commun url?

    entityID = https://hostmane1:8443/osp/a/idm/auth/saml2/metadata
    entityID = https://hostmane2:8443/osp/a/idm/auth/saml2/metadata


    entityID = https://nam-public-url:8443/osp/a/id...saml2/metadata

    Other info: NO LoadBalancer between NAM and UA


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